The Artist

I grew up amongst Alberta's rolling foothills and Prairies. I have lived mostly in Montreal, as well as Toronto, Vancouver and now in the San Francisco Bay area. I believe that all of these different landscapes have shaped a great deal of what I paint today.

I love the creative process and feel so privileged to continue exploring painting. When I am immersed in my art I feel an intrinsic connection to the world and its communities. Painting is a daily challenge that I crave and get restless without it in my routine.  Whether it is California landscapes, the human figure or a cluster of irises, they all attract paint to my canvas and remind me of the superb beauty that exists in everyday life.

Dismantling Silence - 30'' W x 22'' H - oil

Morning Wind - 18'' W x 24'' H - oil

I am Home - 40'' W x 30 H - Mixed Media

I am Home - 40'' W x 30 H - Mixed Media